dreamstime_1805218If your child struggles with back issues, school represents a unique challenge to everyone. Not only does your child have to deal with the day-to-day discomfort, you have to figure out how to support him or her. The good news is, the Spine Institute of America is ready to join your team and be a strong ally for your whole family. We have the knowledge to address any back issue, and you want our pain management skills on your side.

As a parent of a child with back issues, you face what often feels like a very rocky road. Nobody likes to see their child in pain, and getting your child to school and finishing homework can seem impossible. In our next two blogs, we are going to share some important tips for making this the best school year yet!

Make a plan

  • The average school day demands a lot emotionally, cognitively, and physically of a child. Your child will feel more confident stepping through those doors if you sit down and make a plan for coping with the pain. This can be something like getting up and stretching during class, taking breaks, and finding something to distract from the pain. Make sure you check in with the school staff about your plan so they can support your child. Keep in mind that many kids don’t like to act different than other kids, so finding a way to relieve pain that doesn’t make them socially uncomfortable is important. Many times, you’ll have to compromise, and that’s okay.

Keep a positive attitude

  • It doesn’t matter if you have a teenager or a child; all kids closely monitor their parents. They will try to act like they don’t care what you think about the upcoming school year, but they do. Deliberately tell your child that you think the year will be great. Set a positive, can-do tone, and assure your child that you are going to be there to help. This inspiration will take your child far!

Get the Spine Institute of North America in your corner. We will assess what is going on with your child’s back and deliver world-class relief!

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